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Two men fight over fish and end up in hospital


In a recent clash, two farmers, Kwame Appiah, 44, and Thomas Brekese, 57, have found themselves in critical condition, battling for their lives in separate healthcare facilities. The incident unfolded during a heated scuffle involving the two victims and two others who are currently evading authorities.

Kwame Appiah recounted the origins of the altercation, explaining that while tending to his farm, he was confronted by Thomas Brekese and his associates. The confrontation centered around accusations that Appiah had allegedly stolen fish from a fish trap set up by Brekese and his group in river Ochi at Besease. The discovery of an empty trap fueled suspicions against Appiah.

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Tensions flared, leading to a physical confrontation between the parties involved, resulting in cutlass wounds. Appiah claimed that Brekese and his associates, seemingly without provocation, initiated the attack, wielding cutlasses and inflicting injuries on him.

The case has been officially reported to the police for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the violent clash between the farmers.

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