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Why Chef Faila Extended Cook-a-thon to 227 hours


Chef Failatu Abdul-Razak recently completed a remarkable 10-day cook-a-thon, initially planned for 120 hours but extended to 227 hours.

The executive chef poured her heart and soul into this culinary marathon, driven by a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to those she holds dear.

In an emotional moment, Chef Failatu shared that the additional hours beyond her initial goal were dedicated to the people who supported her during challenging times.

Fighting back tears, she expressed gratitude to those who stood by her when she needed it most, emphasizing that her extended effort was a testament to the strength of her bond with those who believed in her.

For Chef Failatu, the cook-a-thon went beyond a culinary feat; it became a symbol of resilience and a platform to uplift those often marginalized, particularly the girls from the Northern region.

Her tears reflected a mix of determination, gratitude, and a deep connection to the cause she championed throughout the marathon.

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