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Why Efia Odo Rejected Shatta Wale


In the midst of an unfolding verbal exchange between Michy and Efia Odo, the age-old speculation about an alleged romance between Efia Odo and Shatta Wale resurfaces.

However, Efia Odo, known for her candidness, offers a surprising revelation that adds a unique perspective to their relationship.

Contrary to Michy’s insinuations that Shatta Wale and Efia Odo were romantically involved while publicly claiming to be just friends, Efia Odo vehemently denies any such intimacy.

She openly states that, despite sharing the same bed with Shatta Wale, there was never a moment when he made advances toward her. The twist in this narrative is Efia Odo’s candid explanation that Shatta Wale’s physical attributes were beyond her personal preferences.

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Efia Odo goes on to disclose her inclination toward men with different physical attributes, emphasizing that Shatta Wale’s well-endowed nature played a role in maintaining the boundaries of their friendship.

Addressing Michy’s playful inquiry about how she could know about Shatta Wale’s attributes without any intimate encounters, Efia Odo explained that Shatta Wale’s penchant for being literally naked during their time together left little to the imagination.


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