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Woman Cries As She Imports Blenders From China


In the poignant video, she disclosed the challenges she faced, mentioning that this incident was particularly devastating as she had used her school fees for the venture. The blenders arrived in poor condition, and there was no viable option for refunds or sales, resulting in significant financial loss.

This unfortunate experience serves as a cautionary tale for aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts, highlighting the inherent risks and uncertainties associated with importing goods, especially from overseas markets. The incident also underscores the importance of thorough research, quality assurance, and reliable suppliers when engaging in international trade.

Responses from online communities varied, with suggestions ranging from seeking refunds to exploring local repair services. The entrepreneur’s story serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges faced by individuals navigating the world of business, urging others to approach such ventures with careful consideration and diligence.

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“None of them is working” – Entrepreneur who imported over 60 blenders from China cries out

Read some reactions below:

Awura Akua reacted: “Take it to alpha hour alter and pray over it.”

Abubakari Khadijah33 reacted: “If is 1688 file for refund.”

Queen_Era said: “How are they fixing, I got mine from Instagram. It was making unusual noise not knowing I did not fix it well. I thought it was damaged.”

Purekiss WW said: “There was this man at kaneshie who repairs blender very very well wish u r close to me.”

GALAXY OFFICIAL said: “My brother always tell me don’t buy anything you get cheap online because no Good thing is cheap.”


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