Woman laments about how lonely she feels in her marriage


A married has shared her struggles in marriage. According to her she has been married for six years and recently had their first child after trying for a long time. However, things have changed drastically since then.

Her husband’s behavior has become worrisome. He comes home late, sometimes intoxicated, and the person found drugs in his possession, which was surprising because he wasn’t like this before they got married.

They also discovered messages indicating that their husband is cheating. Although they went for counseling, the situation hasn’t improved much. The husband seemed to change briefly but has since returned to his old ways.

The person feels neglected and lonely in the marriage. She even had to ask their husband to use protection during intimacy because she knows he’s been with other people.

Despite their efforts to save the marriage, it seems their husband has given up. This leaves the person feeling uncertain about the future of their relationship, especially considering their feelings, their baby, and all the plans they had together.

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“This is my last attempt to save my marriage. My baby is only 6 months. We have been married for 6 years and we are now having our first child after trying all these years My husband has become something else. When we got married we were happy, then the signs started. He comes home late, drunk or high, then I saw the drugs in his stuff. This is not someone who was a drunk or addict. I would have never married him I saw messages of his cheating but we went for counselling again. Post-marital. He seemed to have turned a new leaf. But i’ve endured too much now. Weed rolls in his pocket and some pills I know are not prescription. He has never carried the baby before. He just looks at him and smiles when he is in a good mood. I feel so lonely. The last time he wanted s*x I told him to use protection cos I know he sleeps with others. Like I told him that and he didn’t deny it. He just went to the wardrobe to get a condom. Can a marriage like this be saved? He has given up on us after all the sweet words he told me and the vows. He has just given up. So what about me and my feelings and the baby and all the plans I have?”


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