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Yahoo Boy Apprehended for Attempted Money Ritual on Girlfriend


Ifeanyi Kanu admitted to having met Mmesoma in 2020 and later hatching a plan to use her for money ritual purposes. Initially, he had considered kidnapping Mmesoma to extort money from her parents. However, he changed his plan and decided to use her for a ritual that promised financial benefits.

According to Ifeanyi, the failed ritual involved going to a location where a cow was required. Instead of offering a cow, he substituted a ram, but the ceremony did not yield the expected financial gains. Feeling pressured by what he described as an organization acting like a cult, Ifeanyi and his accomplice planned to have Mmesoma visit their home, where they allegedly intended to bind and sacrifice her for rituals.

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The arrest and the details shared in the video highlight the disturbing lengths to which some individuals go in pursuit of ill-gotten wealth through ritualistic practices. Authorities are expected to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

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