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Your songs won’t be played on air if it is not in Twi– Jupitar


Ghanaian Reggae and Dancehall artiste, Jupitar, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the challenges faced by artists who choose not to sing in Twi, emphasizing the difficulty in gaining recognition, particularly if one does not sing in Twi.

During an appearance on D-Black’s Uncut show monitored by newsandvibes.com, Jupitar highlighted the dominance of Twi and Pidgin songs on most Ghanaian radio stations.

He argued that this preference limits the exposure of talented artists who use their native languages, citing an example of a skilled rapper in the north who raps in Dagati or Sissala but struggles to get airplay in Accra due to the language barrier.

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“Most of our radio stations in our media space have chosen one particular language that they will promote. There is a very good rapper in the north who actually raps in Dagati or Sissala. But he can’t fluently speak Twi or pidgin…if you take that music to Accra. It won’t get up to two airplays.”

Jupitar pointed out that even successful artists in other African countries, such as Nigeria, create songs in their native languages, citing examples like Focalistic, Phyno, and Asake.

He emphasized the need to broaden the creative space, urging the Ghanaian music industry not to confine songs to a single language.

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