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Yul Edochie accused of mocking the Christian faith


Nigerian writer and life coach, Solomon Buchi, has criticized actor Yul Edochie for what he perceives as mockery of the Christian faith with the launch of his online church, The Salvation Ministry (TSM).

In a Twitter post, Solomon accused Yul of portraying the Christian faith as a caricature, highlighting instances such as the actor’s alleged infidelity, having a child with another woman, and endorsing polygamy.

Solomon questioned the legitimacy of Yul’s ministry, raising concerns about his spiritual foundation, mentorship, and the timing of the launch amid personal controversies. He also expressed worries about Yul’s mental health, suggesting that the actor may need intensive care.

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While acknowledging that God can call anyone, Solomon urged Yul to focus on personal reflection and healing before engaging in ministry, describing the situation as embarrassing to the Christian faith.

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