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Yul Edochie is as qualified as any pastor


Daddy Freeze, a prominent media personality, has voiced his perspective that Yul Edochie, a controversial actor-turned-cleric, possesses qualifications comparable to any Nigerian pastor in establishing a ministry.

This statement comes amidst the criticism directed at Edochie following his announcement about the launch of his online ministry, The Salvation Ministry, with the intention of preaching the gospel.

Daddy Freeze contends that as long as Yul conveys the truth in his preaching, he holds the same level of qualification as any other pastor.

In a post on his Instagram page, Freeze expressed, “Yul Edochie is not less qualified than any Nigerian pastor to open a ministry as long as he preaches the truth. Your lying ass pastors with their  monetized doctrines, conjured miracles, and testimonies are doing more harm to the gospel than Yul can ever do. Focus on all the failed prophecies GOs and the life imprisonment Bishops, leave Yul.”

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