“Na dispatch I wan chop?” Customer asks female vendor who uses dispatch rider to deliver soup


A social media user by name Amy (AjahFoodVendor) @ChiamakaInnoce3 is lamenting about how her male client got angry because she did not deliver the soup he ordered herself.

She said, “So because I’m a young girl that’s into food business, I should go and deliver it myself? The way ladies are being sexualized in this country ehnnn omo… See how this man insulted me cos his food was delivered via dispatch and not by me”

According to the Whatsapp chats between the vendor and her client, the client only ordered the soup because he thought the lady would deliver herself so that they can spend time together.

When she tried to explain to the customer that she only delivers via a dispatch rider, he said, “Will you shut up. You know i wanted to see you. All my follow up, you think it is soup food that i am following up on. Be calling me sir up and down like I am your father.”

“Busy acting like a child. It’s like you are even fine like that. i just wanted to change your story. Open big shop for your business. But see how you missed the opportunity. Go they sent me dispatch. Na dispatch i wan chop.”

Check chats below:

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