Ghanaian in US advises against travel for Ghanaians with GHC50k to GHC100k savings

A Ghanaian man residing in the United States has offered advice to Ghanaians, urging them to reconsider their decision to travel if they have...

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Ghanaian actor Nana Boakye Ansah, widely known as Otumfour Nana, has made a life-changing decision, bidding farewell to his acting career to pursue a simpler, content life as a watchman in the United Kingdom. Otumfour Nana, renowned...

Pastor bribed me to keep his affair with church leader’s wife a secret

In a recent interview on Okukuseku monitored by News & Vibes, musician Erico, born Eric Kofi Oduro, revealed a shocking incident he witnessed during a visit to a church he had gone to do song ministrations...

Man claims to have been dismissed from job because he is Ghanaian

A case of alleged racism has come to light after a social media user, identified as Mck Future, shared his experience on Twitter: In a tweet, he wrote: "So racism is real. H33 I'm dying. I just...


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