Actor Nonso Diobi begging on TikTok, Nollywood has disappointed us


A Nigerian woman has expressed her dissatisfaction with Nollywood on TikTok, noting cases in which actors are turning to unorthodox ways of making money.

This controversy stems from the fact that she happened into a live session where Nollywood icon Nonso Diobi asked for gifts from his admirers.

The woman, who goes by @dareal_bl on TikTok, expressed her complaints, saying that even though she had seen other actors acting in a similar way, she felt obliged to speak up after learning that Diobi was involved.

Recognizing Diobi as her childhood hero, she was disheartened by his participation in the TikTok live gift request, which prompted her to exclaim, “Nollywood has failed us.”

A variety of responses were generated by the video, with some people supporting the actors’ ability to use TikTok and other sites to augment their income. Others who were disappointed with the industry’s inability to provide its members with sufficient assistance mirrored her concerns.

A user called @EmpressChiii_🦿🥹❤️ questioned the critique, “But what’s wrong with TikTok live.. those people are cashing out. They no even send. So you’re crushing mean they shouldn’t go live..”

In the meantime, @Nikkyjoy bemoaned the state of affairs and expressed shock at the discrepancy between the public personalities of performers and their financial hardships saying, “Na destiny etiko own pain me pass..person wey get everything dey TikTok dey tap dey beg people wey dem better pass to gift them.”

During the discussion, @Agrostocks said, “My main issue is when fall sick with life threatening illness, the industry couldn’t do anything. I just saw that Ameachi is looking for help to have kidney transplant.”

In a similar vein, @nazzypretty added, “Asin someone finally said my mind, they are suppose to be gifters sef, all this ruby ojiofor…dat one nor even get shame, dey put pot for head for dare game, to extent mercy Kenneth was insulting her”

Not every answer, though, was negative. @Perfect-June highlighted the difficulties performers endure in the business while defending their freedom to look for other forms of income – “So because he is a nollywood actor, he shouldn’t make incomes? How much do they make from nollywood? I will gladly join the live and gift them❤️”

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