Child allegedly killed in drunk driving accident involving Funny Face


Ghanaian comedian and actor Funny Face is currently dealing with serious legal problems as a result of allegations that he was driving while intoxicated and was involved in a fatal accident.

At the Kasoa Kakraba crossroads, witnesses said that Funny Face’s car collided with a group of bikers and pedestrians.

According to witnesses, the actor lost control of his Kia saloon car while driving at a very high pace because he was intoxicated.

Five people were injured in the crash, including two motorcycle riders and a woman and her two children.

Sadly, one of the minors died at the scene of the accident, and the others needed immediate medical assistance, so they were taken to the hospital.

According to rumors going around on social media, Funny Face was arrested and is being held at the Kasoa Police station. He may be charged with homicide in addition to other serious offenses including speeding and intoxicated driving.

Funny face has been in the news for some time now.

Funny Face has been suffering depression for a while, and he only came out of the public eye after checking himself into a mental health facility.

His health appears to be linked to his time away from his children, though it’s unclear if he is going through another episode. He recently lost it on social media, attacking his children’s mother for denying him the opportunity to spend time with them.

He also intends to run a DNA test on his children.

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