Court imposes life sentence on man who raped a 10-year-old boy


Aminu Ali, 25, was given a life sentence by a State High Court in Jigawa, led by Justice Musa Ubale, on Thursday, for the rape and sodomization of a 10-year-old boy.

The prosecution had proven “beyond reasonable doubt” that Ali had seduced the victim and had anal sex with him, leading the court to find the man guilty. Ali is a resident of Aukayawa Quarters in the Gwaram Local Government Area state.

Prosecution attorneys provided four evidence, including a medical report, and called five witnesses to support their case.

Justice Ubale declared in his decision that the prosecution had proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

As a result, the judge imposed a life sentence on the guilty party in accordance with Sections 3 (2&4) of Jigawa State’s Violence Against Person Prohibition Law (VAPP LAW).

However, according to Justice Ubale, the convicted party has three months to file an appeal of the ruling.

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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