Funny Face intentionally decided not to visit his children in Kumasi, Vanessa has been a single mother – Kwaku Manu


Thanks to Kwaku Manu’s latest comments about Funny Face, it is clear that Vanessa gave their three children her whole attention for more than four years.

Manu pointed out that Funny Face purposefully avoided going to see his kids in Kumasi during this time, criticizing Funny Face for placing the responsibility for their continuous arguments on Vanessa.

Manu voiced skepticism regarding Funny Face’s portrayal of Vanessa as the antagonist in their narrative, emphasizing Vanessa’s nonviolent efforts to raise their children alone.

He attacked Funny Face for harshly criticizing Vanessa in public while she obediently attended to their children’s needs without expecting anything in return.

Manu said these things in response to Funny Face’s recent altercation with Vanessa, during which he said she was keeping him from seeing their kids.

Moreover, Funny Face’s accident, in which five people were hurt, including a woman and her children, has sparked new worries about his personal issues. It was alleged that a child was killed but DKB has disputed that fact.

Funny Face’s unpredictable conduct, which includes tantrums in public and legal complications, has caused concerns about his mental health after he split from Vanessa in 2021.

Many blame his behavior on the stress of his broken relationship and being away from his kids.


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