Funny Face remanded into police custody for 2 weeks over drunk-driving and knocking down 5 people


After his arraignment on Tuesday, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, also known as Funny Face, was placed on remand by the Kasoa Akweley District Court in the Central Region.

The actor knocked down five people over the weekend and is now facing charges of reckless driving.

For the next two weeks, he will be under police custody to provide prosecutors the time and space they need to conduct their investigations.

On Sunday night, March 24, Funny Face knocked down five people, including two children, with his car at the Kasoa Kakraba Junction.

At the scene, eyewitnesses claimed the actor was intoxicated. Even though there were no casualties, all of the wounded are being treated at different hospitals, with one victim reportedly in unstable condition.

Funny Face has been suffering depression for a while, and he only came out to the public eye after checking himself into a mental health facility.

His illness appears to be connected to his time away from his children, though it is unclear if he is going through another episode.

He recently lost it on social media, attacking his children’s mother for denying him the opportunity to spend time with them.

Kwaku Manu has however disputed that claiming that the doors of his baby mama are always open for Funny Face to visit; however, he intentionally decided not to visit and paid a bad picture of Vanessa.

He also claims Vanessa has been a single mother of the children since Funny Face does not contribute a dime to the welfare of the children anymore.

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