Ghanaians think homosexuals do not have rights because they are sinners – Wanlov


Ghana’s growing hostility toward LGBT+ people can be attributed to colonialism, poverty, and religion, according to singer and LGBT rights activist Wanlov the Kubolor in a recent interview with Graphic Online monitored by News & Vibes.

Wanlov maintained that LGBT+ people coexisted peacefully in society before to colonization.

But he also saw an increase in antipathy against the community that he linked to the people’s challenges for access to social services and basic resources, which were made worse by religious beliefs.

He drew attention to the effects of poverty, saying that many Ghanaians experience a lack of dignity as a result of feeling abandoned by the government and their employers.

The dislike of gay people is is worsened by this attitude as well as teachings from historic colonial religions like Islam and Christianity.

Wanlov claims that homophobic organizations become outraged when the LGBT community demands equal treatment because they consider them as sinners who are less worthy of rights.

These comments are made in the midst of Ghana’s continuing discussion over the Anti-LGBT+ Bill. President Akufo-Addo has postponed signing the bill into law in anticipation of a constitutional challenge in the Supreme Court. The bill provides severe punishments for activities committed by members of the LGBT+ community.

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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