Girlfriend’s secret affair exposed in shocking WhatsApp chat revelation


A man’s relationship with his girlfriend came to an abrupt end after he discovered her hidden affair, leaving him feeling betrayed. Through Twitter, the man’s sister told the story.

The man went to his cousin’s wedding in an other state with his girlfriend. As soon as they arrived, the girlfriend asked to see her pal. She stayed the night at the home of her purported friend.

The boyfriend tried to use her laptop when she came back the next day, and that’s when the truth came out.

Hoping to link his number, he opened WhatsApp on the laptop and found his girlfriend chatting with a man, who appeared to be the same person his girlfriend had gone to see.

A long-term affair was exposed by her laptop, which revealed a slew of damning texts she had sent to a coworker. Actually, she received money from the man for the trip.

The man confronted his fiancée after being shocked and devastated by her deception, which resulted in an abrupt and final separation.

Below are social media reactions:

@theonlyebuka – Did your brother treat her badly? Was your brother not loyal? Did your brother not take care of her ? So please tell me what warranted the cheating? Omo I just weak
@nwunyebigman1 – I’m proud of your brother not like my own brother that saw his babe cheating and forgave her and decided to distant himself from us as per he too love the babe
@Mima_Gift – I wish I can get into the minds of such women to know why they do such things, if she’s a working class babe, was it the 300k that enticed her, cos it can’t be that she wants some D, as her boyfriend is at the wedding with her to sort that out, so what was the motivation
@chizoba_benson – Good riddance, the girl will Sha show his family members pepper if he had marry her. You would have told her that “if your brother doesn’t want her, just let it be, it’s not like we are that close that I’ll be putting in a word for you”
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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