Another story of fear women and nurses – netizens react


A social media user, identified as a second-year nursing student, has sparked a heated debate online after sharing a troubling personal dilemma.

In the post, the student reveals that while on vacation and completing clinicals at an undisclosed hospital, she became romantically involved with a married man who has a child.

Despite being in a relationship with her boyfriend for nearly a year, the student admits to developing feelings for the married man and is now torn between the two relationships.

Below are the posts and social media reactions:

“Hello Anonymous as always I’m a second year nursing student and I’m also dating. I’ve been dating for almost a year now. We’re on vacation so I’m doing my clinicals at a hospital I won’t disclose. My problem is I just met a married man who has a kid three weeks ago in the hospital, we’ve been fucking since then. I’ve fallen in love with him but I also love my boyfriend too What should I do guys? Please help me out .no insults please.”

Un defeated – Maame maame wonnim nyansa

Kamal Mubarak – It is madness that is worrying you . You’re cheating and you claim you love your boyfriend too You’re mad

Naa Cafey – Life is short dear, have fun but stay safe

Yaw Thiago – Charley this girl will Make them insult nurses kwa the guy to date someone’s husband and still love your boyfriend 😂😂😂

Pearly Whites – Fuck him , collect your money and date your boyfriend Make sure they don’t catch you

NLB Gerald – You are cheating and you need help

Rutherford – Someone’s husband eiiii Bayie paa nie and you are even dating mpo

Starrow – Wàgyîmì paaa. Sorry for my words

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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