Woman narrates how her husband’s pregnant side chick lived in her matrimonial home


A woman’s journey of overcoming her husband’s infidelity has garnered widespread attention online.

She shared her story openly, revealing how her husband became involved with a younger woman who later became pregnant. The younger woman’s parents insisted that the pregnant woman come live with them until she gave birth.

Feeling overwhelmed by the sudden situation, the woman initially remained quiet, surprising those who knew her as a strong-willed person.

Encouraged by her best friend, she decided to take time for herself. She distanced herself from her husband and focused on personal growth, including reading, therapy, exercise, and prayer.

After two years of self-reflection and healing, the woman made the difficult decision to leave her marriage.

Despite pressure from her husband to reconcile, she stood firm in her choice, prioritizing her own happiness and well-being.

Below is her post:

My husband got for himself a young concubine. Eventually the girl got pregnant and her parents insisted she come live with us till she delivers. Everything came in the spur of the moment and I couldn’t find time to adjust or react.

From her parents bringing her to a family meeting, the whole process was rushed. Everybody knows me to be a no nonsense person but for the first time, l went quiet. Everyone kept telling me to hang on and be accommodating. I didn’t respond to their messages and I never gave a final verdict of what I wanted to do.

My best friend told me to take all the time in the world to reflect on the incident and make a profound decision. So first thing I did was move out from my husbands room and cut every access to him. I began spending time reading, attending seminars, went through therapy, started hitting the gym and praying more. My prayers shifted from God helping me reclaim my home to God taking away every affection I had for my husband so walking away will be easier.

It took me two full years until one day I finally made my decision and left the marriage. It came unexpected. Everyone thought I wasn’t going to live so it shocked everyone. My husband out of vengeance wanted to quickly marry the girl but I was told the girl refused saying she had no plans getting married to him. She just wanted to be a baby mama to him because he’s responsible. She has also left and my ex husband was forced to rent an apartment for her and his child.

This is me fully healed and moving on and family is trying to cajole me to go back. Why? Because he’s lonely.

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