Gospel musicians are supposed to make more money from singing – Celestine Donkor


Ghanaian gospel musician Celestine Donkor has angrily denied the notion that gospel artists are self-sufficient.

In an interview with Cape Coast-based Property FM, which News & Vibes was watching, she emphasized that even if they might be doing God’s work, gospel music is still a business that requires financial investment.

Donkor acknowledged that they sometimes get songs from otherworldly inspiration, like dreams, but they emphasized that in order to bring those songs to life, they require financial help. Similar to secular performers, financial backing is required for both studio recording and music promotion.

Donkor emphasized that by drawing parallels to other professions, gospel musicians, like doctors or teachers, rely on their talent to make a living. Similar to how doctors invest in their education, gospel musicians also spend money on marketing campaigns and studio time.

She went on to emphasize that since singing requires a lot of resources, musicians should be able to make money from singing if doctors are successful in making money from treating patients.

She counseled Ghanaians to adopt a different perspective since they need money for their work—more money than a president, in fact.

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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