How a netizen plans to take revenge on her ex boyfriend and travel abroad


A young woman recently shared her complicated relationship situation on social media. She described her current boyfriend as rich, handsome, intelligent, and caring, even going so far as to take care of her during her menstrual period.

Despite her contentment with him, she decided to get back with her ex, intending to make him pay for past wrongs.

She confessed that she misled her ex into thinking she still loved him while being in a relationship with her current boyfriend. She planned to watch her ex struggle to win her back, but she had no intention of marrying him. Instead, she wanted him to experience the same pain she felt when he mistreated her.

The woman also mentioned that her current boyfriend, who has ambitions of studying abroad, intends to marry her in two years’ time. She sees this as an opportunity to get back at her ex while securing a stable future with her current partner.

While she acknowledged the biblical teaching that vengeance belongs to God, she felt justified in seeking revenge in this instance. She believes that sometimes humans need to take matters into their own hands.

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“And I have a boyfriend who’s rich, handsome, intelligent and all. He cares so much about that he will even take care of me during my period. He is also a student but has his own construction company. Tbh I always feel lucky for having him. My parents promised me to take me out of the country to school abroad in next year.He also has the same intention as me and he has started working on his visa already. My ex has come to beg me recently to come back again and I have accepted him. Don’t judge me, I have decided to take revenge on him because he deserves. I told him that I now have a boyfriend but it’s him that I love. He has foolishly believed me and has started do things right. Also I forgot to add that the first time I had sex with my new boyfriend, blood came and I was even shocked. He appreciated me for being a virgin even though he didn’t expect that. My boyfriend will be leaving the country before the year ends and he has planned to marry me 2 years after he gets there I will be 22 by then and I will have completed my university. I will watch my ex do everything to impress me and will still not marry him . I want him to feel the same way I felt when he was doing that to me. Normally I think vengeance is of God but sometimes he need to help God in fighting for us 😂”

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