Burna Boy is the only man who cared so much about how I felt in bed – Bristish Rapper Stefflon


The British rapper Stefflon Don recently revealed how much she admired her ex-boyfriend Burna Boy, saying that he was the only man that made sure she felt the utmost pleasure during intimacy.

She revealed that after Burna Boy, none of the men she dated could compare to the fulfillment he brought.

Despite their two-year breakup in 2021, Stefflon made references to a potential reunion with Burna Boy. Thinking back to their previous relationship, Stefflon highlighted Burna Boy’s remarkable capacity to put her sex needs first.

She acknowledged his commitment to making sure she was satisfied, pointing out that he always made sure she achieved the climax at least twice before he did.

Though their breakup may have resulted from conflicts, Stefflon acknowledged Burna Boy’s high standards for her relationship encounters and showed her tremendous admiration for him.

She praised guys from Nigeria generally for keeping their word, particularly when it comes to making their women feel good in bed.

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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