Bawumia should be made a Presiding Elder in the Pentecost church


A social media user @thePOE_T recently made a lighthearted remark about Ghana’s Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, and his frequent visits to churches especially the Church of Pentecost.

@thePOE_T indicated that Dr. Bawumia has attended the church so often that it might be more than some regular members.

He proposed that Dr. Bawumia be considered for a deacon role due to his frequent attendance.

The comment, made in jest, highlights the observation of Dr. Bawumia’s active participation in religious activities.

While some netizens laughed over the comment with suggesting that The Vice President be made a presidong elder, others indicated were just furious over the write-up.

It must be noted that the Vice President is a muslim.

Below are the posts and reactions : 

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@_kwekujay – That’s the only place he can do his cheap politics and the leaders of the church also love what he does and they can’t speak truth to power.
@AseyeSeyram – What I was expecting from The Church of Pentecost was Bawumia stand on the LGBTQ. But look at how they are quiet about it?

@AppiahFabien – Aaaaaah Aaaaaah Prof

@ChiefBeawuribe – Hahahahaha double-track faith man.

@KwameDOdam23958 – I think Presiding Elder is better. He now attends church than mosque.
@ManagerYaw – An unnecessary and disgraceful write up by a professor whom much is expected from. No critical thinking, adds nothing to public intelligence and knowledge. You are the reason our certificates are not recognised because they would see this write up from a professor in Ghana.
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