I bought my sister a new phone and her boyfriend has siezed it, on my way to his house to take my phone


A big brother has become a hero after buying his little sister a new phone.

But what was meant to be a happy surprise turned into a sad situation when his sister came home in tears.

She explained that her boyfriend took her phone because she was on another call when he called her.

This made the big brother really angry and he has decided to visit the boy to take his phone back and in addition sieze his phone too to teach him a learn.

People on social media are cheering him on, saying he’s a great brother for protecting his sister. Friends are offering to help him confront the boyfriend and get the phone back.

Now everyone is waiting to see what happens next. Will the boyfriend face the music from the protective big brother? Or will they find a way to make things right? This story shows how important family is and what someone will do to look out for their loved ones.

Below are the post and reactions:

“Big bro like me, l’ve bought a phone for my lil sis. I was home when she came crying. Ad3n aa her boyfriend has ceased the phone cus she was on another call when he called. Nbs slap this boy go chop from me today. I will cease his phone and take it to my house after I’m done with him. He’ll learn sense.”

Saint Pablo: Fear women

youngest in charge: Banger

Undefeated : Beat am🀣 n your sis all

The broke George : No make them go beat you nanaπŸ˜‚. Just go take your phone n comot

Stateboi: No spare the boy kraaa
Bro principle: Send location please πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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