I want to use Lil Win as a scapegoat – Martha Ankomah


Popular actress Martha has indicated that she is not forgiving actor Lil Win since he wants to set a good example for her followers. According to her, actors or actresses are role models in the society.

“I think as role models, people must learn from us and we must set good examples out there, people are learning from us, so me i have taken it to court, waiting for what the court will say but whatever happens, I will let Ghanaians know.”

She emphasised that Lil Win was not joking and she is also not joking about the matter.

The actress further said Ghanaians must set good examples because of the younger generations who will be the future leaders.

“We must set good examples and we have the young people coming after us and they are the future leaders of this country. So lets leach them the right thing”

Recently, Martha Ankomah decided to take legal action against her colleague Kwadwo Nkansah, also known as Lil Win, because of some hurtful things he said.

Lil Win apparently claimed that Martha didn’t want to work with Kumawood actors because she thought their movies weren’t good enough. This made Martha upset because she believes in treating everyone with respect.

What’s more, Lil Win also criticized Martha for being an ambassador for the GTP brand, suggesting that she shouldn’t talk badly about others while representing such a respected company.


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