Ladies must not accept proposals from broke men – Blessing CEO and Saida Boj


In a recent Instagram live session hosted by Blessing CEO, online personalities Saida Boj and Blessing CEO shared their views on relationships.

During the broadcast, they advised women not to fall in love with financially unstable men, stating that such men do not deserve their love and attention.

Blessing CEO, known for her role as an online therapist, invited Saida Boj to join the discussion, referring to her as her “mini-me.”

Throughout the conversation, they emphasized the importance of financial stability in relationships. Blessing CEO stressed that men should be capable of providing adequate care for their partners before entering into a relationship.

Their comments sparked discussions among viewers, with many sharing their opinions on the topic of love and financial stability in relationships.

Social media reactions 

iinspirationalquotes365 – That’s why they are single because they kind of men they want don’t want them lol they want normal ladies
bigppyasser –  that’s funny I feel pity for the girls from poor backgrounds that will take this advice lmao apparently a man is considered broke when he can’t waste his money on a girl lmao I know for a fact if getting rich was easy we would have more rich women than pregnant once lmao 😂😂😂😂
iam_capital.m – It’s always people from broke homes that generate bad whits like this 🤡
i.karlis – This 2 are lost souls if you are a woman and you choose them as your role model , you are also a lost soul
houseofjewell – Not deserving is a deep word! Everyone deserves to love & be loved in return! Either broke, sick, disabled, etc


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