Mr Ibu was a womaniser- Speed Darlington


Controversial Nigerian rapper Speed Darlington, also known as Akpioku, has stirred the pot with his remarks on the passing of veteran actor Mr Ibu.

Darlington hinted at Mr Ibu’s colorful romantic history, suggesting that the actor had numerous encounters with women during his prime.

He attributed Mr Ibu’s reluctance to marry or engage with actresses to alleged inducements by producers and industry officials, who reportedly demanded intimate favors in exchange for roles.

Reiterating his claims about Mr Ibu’s personal life, Darlington emphasized the impact of unhealthy eating habits, insinuating that the actor’s dietary choices led to diabetes and, ultimately, his demise.

Taking to his official Instagram and YouTube accounts, the musician delved into the topic, offering condolences for the actor’s untimely demise, noting that 66 years is still considered middle age.

Contrary to reports of Mr Ibu’s death being linked to leg complications and potential amputation, Darlington asserted that the actor succumbed to diabetes.

Despite Darlington’s financial contributions to Mr Ibu’s welfare, he expressed disappointment at the actor’s passing.


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