Pastors fight violently over sharing of offering money at marketplace


An unsettling altercation between two religious leaders is captured in a video that has gone viral on Twitter and has over 200,000 views.

The video shows two pastors who are supposed to be role models, surprisingly fighting, looking like ferocious beasts, after they disagree about who gets to keep the offertory money that was received from christians.

It is said that the assistant pastor, who worked for the senior pastor, intended to keep the majority of the offertory—roughly 80%—for himself. The head pastor denied the assistant pastor’s request for at least 40% of the monies, believing that he had been treated unfairly.

The dispute then turned into a furious confrontation that turned violent, resulting in fists being exchanged between the two pastors.

The assistant pastor is shown in the video with bloodstains on his clothing and a bleeding mouth, which suggests how violent the altercation was. Moreover, the event took place in the Makola market, with many people around which amplified the show even more.

Numerous people have commented on the incident widely, criticizing the religious leaders’ actions.

It is a sobering reminder of the perils that avarice and power battles, especially in religious settings, may bring.

Watch video below live at Makola Market:

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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