Rapper Medikal comes to the defense of Bongo Ideas


Rapper Medikal has come out in support of Albert Nat Hyde, also known as Bongo Ideas, amid the current social media uproar around him.

Recently, Bongo Ideas has been in the news due to rumors that he was being held captive by someone dressed in police uniforms.

The Ghana Police Service, however, has denied these allegations, asserting that they were not involved in his arrest.

Many Ghanaian social media users have voiced their perspectives in light of the circumstance; a sizable fraction have expressed joy at the viral episode.

Notably, comedian DKB from Ghana claimed that Bongo deserved the result because of his alleged bullying behavior.

In response to DKB’s point of view, which was expressed by a social media user, Medikal said he agreed with Bongo Ideas. The AMG rapper claimed that Bongo is not deserving of cruel punishment, regardless of what he has done.

Although he acknowledged that Bongo might have angered many people, including himself, Medikal made it clear that he wanted to see Bongo safe and undamaged.

In his statement, Medikal expressed, “No matter how Bongo is, I don’t think he deserves to be treated in any inhumane way. All though he steps on loads of people (including me) I want to see my Sowutuom Boy safe and sound 😊.”

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