Sidechicks are in the bible, It’s not new – Empress Gifty


Empress Gifty Adorye, an acclaimed Ghanaian Gospel singer, stirred debate with her recent remarks on the age-old phenomenon of “side chicks,” women involved in romantic liaisons with married men.

In an interview on TV3 monitored by News & Vibes, she highlighted the biblical reference to such relationships, drawing attention to the narrative of Abraham, a prominent figure in the Bible known for his complex familial relationships.

Adorye pointed out that while the concept of “side chicks” may seem contemporary, it has historical roots dating back to biblical times.

She encouraged those engaged in such relationships to heed the lessons from scripture, emphasizing the importance of avoiding certain pitfalls, particularly the potential consequences of pregnancy.

“If you are a side chick, don’t get pregnant for somebody’s husband.”

“it’s many in the bible. Go and read about Abraham, it is not a new thing.”

“But I am saying do not go for somebody’s husband and get pregnant for them.”

Ghanaian gospel singer Empress further advised young ladies in intimate relationships with married men not to become pregnant by them.

Even though she pointed out that these kinds of unions are not exceptional and have historical precedent, she emphasized the need of preventing conception in such circumstances.

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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