Stop spreading rumours about my husband, our marriage is better than ever – Big Akwes’ wife


Amidst circulating speculations, Freda, the spouse of Ghanaian star Big Akwes, has resolutely stated her dedication to her husband.

Freda refuted rumors of marital strife, stressing that their bond is still solid and untouched by other factors. During a TikTok live session that GhanaWeb was watching, she addressed these worries and reaffirmed her unshakable love for her husband.

Freda emphasized that they don’t intend to divorce, refuting recent rumors that their marriage is having problems. She said the rumors were just idle gossip on social media without any real proof.

Freda affirmed her allegiance to Big Akwes, saying that in spite of efforts by anonymous people to cause strife, their relationship is stronger than ever.

Her unwavering position is in reaction to rumors of an upcoming split that are based on miscommunication. Freda’s unwavering declaration of their long-lasting marriage seeks to dispel false allegations and reaffirm their dedication to one another.

She aims to highlight the stability of their marriage and put an end to rumors about their relationship status with her honest comments.

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abenaachiaabaffour – His waist must be really strong 😂😂
luthermyrna – Eiiiii some of these women in Europe are doing the most oooo…boie3boi 😂😂
creedd55 – That’s why you don’t side with issues on the gram most of them are planned and just for trends😂😂😂😂😂
mz_adwoa_bhim – Nebutans s3 yagye yani so😂😂😂😂😂 anaaa mose still obi house matter naaaa😂😂😂😂
if we turn 3rd person koraaa we don’t care 😂
thosecalledcelebs – #PRESSPLAY PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: From Freda nation to akonkonsafo) nkurasefo)… a.k.a Nebu’s genggg across the world. She said…she and our superstar Big Akwess are back together as husband and wife… na long distance relationship is sweeter more than ” living together ” 😅. Akumaa! Woaba aa tena se ma y3n oke…we have accepted you back.

Our uncle’s campaign money dey in bank….nti u came on the right time 🙏😠.

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