A married pastor has proposed love to me, I like him but I respect marriage vows


A woman has taken to social media to seek advice after finding herself in a perplexing situation where a married pastor has proposed love to her.

Expressing her dilemma, she revealed that while she has encountered men professing love to her in the past, this instance with a married pastor has left her in a state of confusion.

In her post, she acknowledged her admiration for the pastor as a man but emphasized her utmost respect for his marriage vows.

Below are the post and reactions: 

“I’ve had men propose love to me before and I’ve never found myself in a situation where a married pastor is also proposing love to me. And as much as I like him as a man, I respect his marriage vows. So I’m left in a loom of confusion. Please advise me on what to do. How do I handle this situation.”

Tham – Stay away from married men So you won’t give yourself a task you can’t complete You shouldn’t even be confused cos he’ll use you and waste your time

Akosua – This isn’t something you should be confused about. You know the right thing…so do it

Just Linus – Like seriously? Do you need advice on this? Are you sure you haven’t already taken a decision since you are contradicting yourself here? What feels right for you?

Kobby Tuesday – Some pastors too ahhhh hmmm But madam no do mistake ooo he want to eat u k3k3

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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