My fiancee wants me to abandon a girl I adopted 5 years ago before she agrees to marry me


A man on social media getting ready for marriage is struggling with a choice he must make about his adopted daughter.

The daughter, now ten years old, was adopted by him when she was still a baby. Her biological parents are struggling financially while they are still living, so he decided to assume full responsibility for her upbringing.

But his fiancée is determined to give the girl back to her parents, claiming that she should live with them as long as he provides for her financially.

He is conflicted with giving the girl a stable and healthy upbringing and his fiancee’s demand that she be given back to her birth parents. He thinks her growth and well-being are not supported by where her parents reside.

Below are the post and reactions:

I have a girl l adopted when she was. She’s now 10 years. Her parents are very much alive but the financial burden is too much so I decided to take her completely as my own. I’m about getting married and my fiancee insists that I return the girl to her parents. He claims if her parents are alive, there’s no need her living with me. I should return her and still do whatever I want to do for her there. Point is, this girl has known me for 5 years now. Where her parents live isn’t healthy and appropriate for a young girl growing up. Me taking will mean, changing her school and everything. I need her close to me so I can monitor her academics and every aspect. I’m really confused. My sister insists I choose the girl over my fiancee. What advice do you have for me.

Sika – Hi dear, was your partner aware you already had an adopted daughter??

Naa Momo – Ur fiancée is a witch

K – Choose the girl…its that simple

Afrifa – Communication is key in a relationship….find time and explain things to him. He’ll not be the one to take care of her after all

The Mist – Where is the love? Don’t let the kid go

Life – If your partner is aware that you adopted then why is she acting childish. Communicate with her again to solve this out. But for the girl don’t return her the parents. She won’t feel okay

Undefeated – Your fiancée is someway

Otto M – My dear there is no love Be with the child and forget your fiancé He is no good for you

Dearie – Yes you choose the girl you can’t dump her if she loves you she needs to accept the kid too

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