My girlfriend is pregnant for me after just 2 days of dating – Man cries out for help


In a candid social media post, a young man has opened up about a perplexing and concerning situation he encountered recently.

Detailing the events that unfolded just a week ago, he recounts a chance encounter with a lady at the shop where he works, which quickly led to an unexpected turn of events.

According to the post, the two individuals hit it off immediately, exchanging contact information and embarking on a whirlwind romance that culminated in a sexual encounter just one day later.

However, the situation took a bewildering turn when, on the following day, the woman allegedly prevented him from attending church, insisting on having sex instead.

The social media user expresses disbelief at the woman’s actions, particularly given the short duration of their acquaintance.

Nonetheless, he reveals that just two days after their initial encounter, the woman informed him that she was pregnant, attributing the paternity to him.

Struggling to come to terms with the sudden and improbable news, the young man seeks advice and guidance from his online community.

Below is the post: 

“I want to share some yawa wey e happen to me a week ago . So a lady came to the shop I work and we had a nice conversation and we exchanged contacts and we started dating the day after and we had s€x the next day which was Saturday afternoon. And we talked like every minute and the next day which is Sunday she didn’t let me go to church she was like she wants to have sex? Eeii just met you two day oo, so we have unpro sex and the next two days she told me she’s pregnant and it’s me I was like Eeii how can I get you pregnant within two days, not knowing she bought pregnancy test kit to check herself though she’s a dbee oo Please any advice on this one cuz e over me”

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