My husband bedwets sometimes on our matrimonial bed


A social media user has reached out for advice after noticing a concerning pattern of bedwetting in her husband, raising questions about how to address the sensitive issue within their marriage.

In a candid post, the woman reveals that during their first year of marriage, her husband experienced bedwetting on one occasion, which she attributed to stress. However, the problem has resurfaced three times in their second year of marriage, leaving her deeply concerned.

The wife describes observing a sense of shame in her husband’s demeanor whenever the incidents occur, leading her to empathize with his predicament. Despite his efforts to make amends by fulfilling her requests for things he hasn’t provided yet, she remains troubled by the recurring issue.

Expressing reluctance to broach the topic with her husband due to the perceived embarrassment associated with discussing such matters, the wife seeks guidance on how best to support her spouse through this challenge.

Below is the post:

“My husband is a bedwetter During our first year of marriage it happened once and I thought maybe he was stressed or something.we are in our second year of marriage and it has happened thrice continuously Anytime this happens I can see some shame in his face,I don’t blame him tho but my problem is how can a grown man be bedwetting like a child.he tries to make up by giving me anything I have asked for that he hasn’t provided yet,that’s when he gets them for me. Mind you, we’ve not talked about this I feel it’s embarrassing to sit a grown man of 42 years down to talk to him about it . What can I do as a wife to help my husband please Any suggestions.”

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