Man faces dilemma as his friend’s girlfriend pursues him


A man on social media finds himself in a difficult situation as his friend’s girlfriend makes inappropriate advances towards him, despite his friend being married to someone else.

The story unfolds with the man’s friend moving to the United States and marrying a white woman. However, his friend’s girlfriend remains in Ghana, where she continues to harbor feelings for him.

The man, who is familiar with both parties from their shared social circle, engages in conversations with the girlfriend.

Shockingly, she confesses her attraction to him, revealing intimate details about her desires and even admitting to using a photo of him at the gym for self-pleasure.

Now faced with a dilemma, the man is torn between his loyalty to his friend and the temptation presented by the girlfriend’s advances.

Caught between his loyalty to his friend and his own desires, the man seeks advice on how to handle the situation without betraying his friend or compromising his own integrity.

Below is the social media post:

“So my paddy moved to states and now married to a white lady. The lady he used to date is still here in Ghana and I know they still have something going on despite my guy being married to the white lady. I know this lady very well cuz we all used to hangout together, so we have been talking and this girl is telling me her eye dey me long time and she have been having sex dreams of me and all that. So i have this pic of me at the gym with no top on and she was telling me yestee nite say that be the pic she dey use masturbate. My problem now is she is here at my end and I’m confused cuz i no won go behind my guy but the machine too hot. I’m literally cumin. what she is wearing and i can literally see her boobs. Should I sack her or I should eat the meal she’s presenting me with.”

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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