Lady narrates how a stranger number made her lose her boyfriend


A woman’s simple meeting with a stranger has caused big problems with her boyfriend. Here’s what happened:

One day, a stranger messaged her, saying they met in town. She thought it was strange because she doesn’t give out her number easily. When she talked to the stranger, she noticed he knew a lot about her, which made her suspicious.

She decided to ask her boyfriend if he gave her number to the stranger. Surprisingly, their details matched, making her even more unsure. She gave the stranger’s number to her boyfriend, but didn’t want him to know she asked.

Later, the stranger contacted her again using different numbers. One day, he asked to meet her in town. She went, but when she got home, she blocked him because she was sure she didn’t know him.

Her boyfriend then talked to the stranger to find out if he really knew her. The stranger lied and said she told him they weren’t dating. This made her boyfriend lose trust in her.

Now, she’s worried about her relationship. She didn’t mean to hide anything from her boyfriend, but now things are getting worse. She wants to fix things, but she’s not sure how.

See post below:

“I’ve been with my boyfriend for a few months, one afternoon a number sent me message claiming I met him in town and gave my number and he had a lot to say about me for someone who claims I just met him, looking at the kind of person I am I doubted him cos I never give my number out easily, after our conversation I texted my boyfriend and asked if he was the one that gave my number to the gentleman because surprisingly their middle and surface were the same and the gentleman didn’t seem to be a stranger. My boyfriend asked me for the number and I gave it out to him and asked him not to mention my name cos I really wanted him to find out from the gentleman. I blocked the number afterwards and told same to my man. Fast forward, the guy contacted me with different numbers, I closed from work one Friday when he texted me that he was in town and I should meet him cos he’s so sure I know him, I finished up what I was doing in town and met him we got talking for a while and parted ways I blocked him when I got home cos I was so sure I didn’t know him. My boyfriend contacted him days later to find out if he truly knows me, the gentleman then told my boyfriend that I told him I wasn’t dating him my boyfriend when we hadn’t had that conversation he did everything possible to make my boyfriend believe that I planned with him cos I wasn’t dating…..even tho we just had conversations of the problems I was having with my man My boyfriend no longer wants to have anything to do with cos of what the gentleman said….his point is he can no longer trust me cos I never told him I was going to meet the guy and I made him look like we were not dating but sincerely I had no ill intentions and I didn’t inform him cos I felt it was nothing more over I met him in a public place and we parted ways immediately. What do I do to gain his trust again cos everything is going downhill and sincerely it doesn’t look like it will ever work again.”

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