Court discharges girlfriend of late Kikibees CEO after autopsy reveals cause of death


Mam Yandeh Joof, the girlfriend of the late Bennet Adomah Agyekum, the proprietor of the well-known Kikibees restaurant, has been released by the Madina District Court.

According to court records, on Sunday, October 8, 2023, the 40-year-old businessman was discovered lying in a pool of blood at a Madina home in severe condition.

When the girlfriend was first brought before the court, it was thought that she was the main suspect because her lover had been killed.

Investigations revealed that for the previous three years, the deceased and the suspect had been romantically involved. After arriving back in Ghana on October 7, 2023, the deceased paid the suspect a visit at her Ogbojo, Accra, flat at around one in the morning.

The deceased started acting strangely at around 1:30 am on that day, the prosecution claims. He started tossing things around the room and claimed that he was being followed by people he didn’t know.

The suspect called a close friend of the deceased for help after the disturbance alarmed other occupants in the building. When the friend got there, he found the dead man writhing in a pool of blood in the kitchen.

The girlfriend was arrested after bloodstains and broken ceramic glass fragments were discovered in her residence during a later investigation of the scene.

The prosecution told the court that the Attorney General had chosen to release her after months of judicial hearings. Hearing the news, a clearly relieved Mam Yandeh Joof started crying.

The final autopsy report, which was included with the application, said that the deceased’s death was caused by severe head injuries he received in a fall that was believed to be caused by alcohol consumption, even though more information about the Attorney General’s judgment was kept confidential.

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