I’m 20 and my girlfriend is pregnant, I’m not ready


There has been a lot of debate around a young man who said he wanted to end his engagement to his fiancée because he wasn’t ready for parenting and all of its duties.

The 20-year-old disclosed his circumstances on Reddit, claiming that he had unprotected intercourse with his 18-year-old girlfriend and that this had resulted in an unintended pregnancy.

He claims that he learned of her pregnancy a few weeks ago; she wishes to keep the pregnancy, but he is against it. Even though he is aware that it is the woman’s decision, he is still in education and therefore not financially secure.

Despite his fiancée’s decision to carry the baby to term, he admitted that his financial difficulties and dedication to his academics made him reluctant to become a father.

He talked about his concerns about his ability to provide for a child and how difficult it is to be a father because of the great responsibility and unknowns involved. Guilt-ridden and uneasy, he admitted to the complexity of the issue and his worry about being a “deadbeat dad” by seeking advice from the internet community.

However, some Reddit users took offense at his candid disclosure and expressed strong opinions, with many criticizing his desire to neglect his parental responsibilities. They emphasized how important it was that he be active in the child’s development regardless of his relationship status and pushed him to prepare for the impending changes and responsibilities.

Despite their worries and fears, the overall consensus among respondents was clear: although motherhood might be scary, it requires acceptance and dedication, requiring him to put his baby’s care over other obligations.

Below are social media reactions:

“Buddy, you don’t have a choice in helping to raise that kid one way or the other. Certain language in this post seems to imply you believe you can just leave her and be done with it, even though you say you wouldn’t. The reality is that you’ll still have to pay child support even if you leave.”

“Regardless, the damage is done. If she decides to keep it, you need to start preparing for your new future.”

“I know this isn’t what you planned, but this is what you got. Now you need to make the best of it. You’re going to be a dad. No one’s ever really “ready” to be a parent. You learn. Is your life going to change? Hell yeah. But some of those changes will be awesome. And some will suck. And you know what?”

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