Mr Ibu, Herbert Wigwe died from generational curse


Notoriety pastor Apostle Johnson Suleman has highlighted the fascinating family background behind the sudden deaths of Mr. Ibu and Herbert Wigwe, implying that their deaths were not accidental.

In his capacity as Omega Fire Ministries International’s senior pastor and general overseer, Apostle Suleman called attention to several unusual details in the circumstances surrounding the deaths of these well-known Nigerian individuals.

In particular, he described a string of bad occurrences in Mr. Ibu’s and Herbert Wigwe’s families. Regarding Mr. Ibu, he observed an alarming trend in which both his father and grandfather perished from poisoning—a fate that sadly also befell Mr. Ibu.

He also emphasized the terrible events that occurred in Herbert Wigwe’s family, where his older brother and sister perished in accidents, mirroring Herbert’s own sad destiny.

The minister stressed the presence of foundational curses and said that until they are actively addressed and broken, people could be affected by them regardless of their religious views.

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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