Deceased father settles bills in advance before his death


A man has used social media to thank his late father for his exceptional act of love and foresight, in a message that has garnered attention from netizens all around the world.

In the heartfelt post, uploaded by user @AriThinks, the father who passed away made extraordinary efforts to guarantee that his wife, the poster’s mother, would never have to worry about making ends meet.

The post said that the father had carefully paid off all of his debts and had even planned his expenses for the upcoming six months.

The father’s kindness didn’t end there, either. He had also accumulated enough credits for gas, water, and electricity to last the family for many years, in an act of unmatched generosity and care. His altruistic decision to secure his wife’s financial stability even while he was away shows how much he cares for and loves his family.

Below is the post:

“My father passed a few days ago and my Mom doesnt even know who he makes payments to because she’s never paid a bill. So we call and find out that like all the bills were paid up to 6 months in advance. he puts credits on the gas, water and elctric that will last her years. Love him.”


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