“I live in single room with my husband and in-laws”


A married woman used social media to talk about her experience living in her husband’s family house.

She shared the struggles of living in a one-room apartment with her spouse and in-laws in a video that went viral on the internet.

The woman is shown in the video participating in the well-known “of course” challenge, where she opens up about her personal experiences.

She draws attention to how small the living space is and how little room there is to keep necessities. She says that because there isn’t much room in the cabinet, everything is piled on top of it.

The woman further reveals that she is required to seek permission from her mother-in-law and father-in-law before going out.

This includes providing details about her destination and the people she plans to meet. Additionally, she discusses the shared bathroom facilities, shedding light on the practical challenges of living in such close quarters with extended family members.

The video has sparked a flurry of reactions online, with many viewers expressing empathy for the woman’s situation and sharing their own thoughts and experiences on the matter.

Below are social media reations:

Aina Christaina said; “God abeg ooo00 U as a guy if u can’t afford to rent ur own apartment marriage is not for u When am not stupid, why will I date a guy staying with is parents Am very sure the lady will see shege .”

Oluwaseun Adebayo said; “It’s good, so that when you are doing d dooo with your husband, your in laws will be praying for you make e turn to pregnancy, even your small in laws go dey peep sometimes to know how far, it’s good for u sha, but wait o hope you are not laughing at them.”

Nwite Jasmine Abosede said; “This girt no get problem I swear she’s an easy going person and the hubby parents don’t have much problem too May the lord bless and Favour your home.”

Alex Ruth Osaginde said; “What matters is that you are happy wherever you are. Any other thing any one thinks is irrelevant.”

Prince Adebowale Lateef Ajumobi said; “Nah for short time, everything will be alright. May God bless you and your husband to have the kind of life you desire.”


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