When we chat it is boring, always shorthand answers. Is this a red flag?


A young man has raised concerns about communication issues in his relationship, sparking questions about the health of their connection.

Expressing frustration on social media, the man shared his dilemma of feeling like he’s always the one initiating conversations with his girlfriend. Despite his efforts to engage and liven up their chats, he often receives short and unenthusiastic responses from her, leaving him feeling bored and disconnected.

The man questioned whether his girlfriend’s reluctance to engage in meaningful conversation was a red flag for their relationship. He expressed willingness to engage whenever she initiates conversation but noted feeling increasingly distant as a result of her passive communication style.

Deciding to step back and give her space to initiate conversation, the man observed a gradual decline in their interaction, leading him to question the future of their relationship.

Below is the post:

“My girlfriend says I like asking a lot of questions just because she refuses to start conversation. When we chat it is boring always shorthand answers. Is this a red flag? She seems not interested but anytime she wants to talk,I am always available and make the conversation lively.Decided not to take up conversation until she is ready. Tried for sometime and it making me slowly distancing myself from her.”

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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