My boyfriend says he is broke so has not spent even a cedi on me for 3 years since we started dating but he is always betting


A social media post has sparked discussion after a woman shared her relationship experience, revealing her frustration over her boyfriend’s lack of financial support despite dating for three years.

In the post, she expressed disappointment that her partner never took her out, didn’t give her money, and didn’t offer gifts on her birthdays, citing financial constraints.

However, she noted his regular betting habits, leading her to question his priorities.

The woman pondered whether to end the relationship due to these perceived shortcomings. The post has garnered attention, with many offering advice and sharing similar experiences.

Below is the post:

“I dated this guy for 3 good years without asking him for anything…l pay my bills and everything…He has never taken me out,he doesn’t gives me money, even on my birthdays no gifts for me he only posted me on his status….all because he claimed he is broke but he has been betting everyday… I think I should break up with him.”

Social media reactions:

Kojo Arkhurst – No be force.  Massa we’re tired of you people and your nonsense relationships
Nkay – Do you send him gifts on his birthday as well.? Always feeling the entitlement grove in a relationship
Mastubation Lord – Your loss… There are far more important things than Relationship. You might even the hard luck in his life which is not making him Boom🙄 break up with him now
T-bag Agyapong – Check his betting slip and thank me later
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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