If I marry, I will lose my female fans, marriage is not for me – Musician


Artist Terry G, also known as Gabriel Oche Amanyi from Nigeria, has discussed his opinions on musicians marrying.

Terry G stated that he didn’t think musicians should get married. He clarified that opposite-sex fans could feel less at ease in a marital relationship.

He felt that female fans are vital to the music industry and that it would become dull without them.

He underlined that a musician’s female fan base may suffer if they openly announce their marriage. According to him, it’s a common belief in Nigerian culture that after you tie the knot, you’re “out of the market,” or less desirable to admirers.

Online conversations were spurred by Terry G’s remarks, and many people shared their opinions about the place of marriage in the music business.

Below are the video and netizens’ reactions:

Video: If I marry, I will lose my female fans, marriage is not for me – Musician

@everythingbalov – When you old you will understand
@fynboislimc – U no sabi sing song nah why u no fit change pattern
@OmoreAdugbe – I dey feel Terry G.
@simplysympa – Abi na only me hear “as a man of God”?
@Lummygee1 – Make this Egbon go carry hin bell rest
@everythingbalov – Nah old age go tell you
@SmajOfficial – Him no lie.. it’s not easy
@cryptoknig65902 – Well said
@Bod_Republican – The guy talk true Abeg
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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