If I tell you I don’t use cannabis you won’t believe me so ask gospel musicians rather – King Paluta


The well-known secular musician King Paluta recently responded to questions on his use of cannabis in a pretty mysterious way.

He didn’t either affirm or refute the accusations, but rather seemed to indicate an understanding of them.

He asserted that many people would presume he engages in these activities because of his public character and manner.

In an interview on the Delay Show, King Paluta steered the conversation away from himself by suggesting that gospel singers should be the ones answering inquiries regarding cannabis use.

He maintained that gospel musicians, as opposed to secular performers such as himself, are subject to various standards set by society.

Paluta alluded to the fact that criticism would inevitably come no matter how he answered throughout the conversation.

Given his reputation, he pointed out that acknowledging cannabis use wouldn’t be shocking, but maintaining one’s denial could provoke doubt and criticism from viewers.

With successes like “Aha Akye,” which features Samini, “Sika Aba Fie,” “YaHitte,” and “Aseda,” which receive a lot of attention and praise in the music industry, he has become a well-known musician over time.

He talked about his personal life and mentioned how as a child he was raised by a single mother.

Also he used his school fees to write his debut song in 2004.

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