You attract spirits when you show your bare stomach during pregnancy – Sunsum


Yaw Adu, also known online as Sunsum, is a Ghanaian actress who has taken issue with the increasing tendency of pregnant women posting images of their naked stomachs on social media.

He voiced worries that this could leave the mother and the fetus vulnerable to spiritual assault.

While it’s acceptable for ladies to show off their baby bumps online, Sunsum stressed that the women should make sure their stomachs are hidden in the pictures.

He called it “foolishness” for pregnant women to show their stomachs bare and advised them against it in order to protect their unborn children.

In a video posted on Instagram by cited by News & Vibes, Sunsum issued a warning about the potential drawbacks of openly disclosing a pregnant tummy, including harmful spiritual energies.

He emphasized that such private images should only be seen by the husband because disclosing them to the public raises the possibility of violence and threats.

Celebrities are increasingly sharing their pregnancy journeys on social media. This is a regular trend.

Sunsum, however, feels that given the possible risks this practice brings to the unborn child’s wellbeing, it should not be encouraged.

In the past, celebrities such as Yvonne Nelson and Ohemaa Woyeje have shown off their baby bumps.

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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