It’s better to have a wealthy unfaithful husband than a poor devoted one


A Nigerian lady has caused a stir on Facebook with her controversial take on men, igniting a lively debate among users.

Queen Zahara boldly proclaimed that a man who cheats but provides for his family is superior to a faithful spouse who fails to support his loved ones. Her assertion sent shockwaves across the platform, prompting a flurry of responses from intrigued users.

Among the reactions, @Sarki Bala Abubakar weighed in with a cautionary note, pointing out the potential health risks associated with infidelity – “Well said, but a cheating husband can send you to early grave.”

@Obbi Chytra expressed disdain for justifying adultery, emphasizing the importance of faithfulness in relationships – “You are looking for support to justify your adultery, is very sinful to live in adultery, you are very unfaithful, a husband that did not provide today will provide tomorrow, life changes no one knows tomorrow”.

@Ajoge Suleiman expressed disbelief at Queen Zahara’s stance – “Madam, how do u mean? Cheater is better than a chaste man? Haha no, no”.

@Mustapha Ohinoyi Sanni raised concerns about the dangers of contracting diseases from a cheating partner – “Don’t forget deadly diseases ooo”.

@Bombay Adewuyi Ademola questioned Queen Zahara’s own fidelity, suggesting she may be condoning her own infidelity- “Then you must also be cheating woman too I don’t agree to this”.

@Olowookere Sunday highlighted the moral and personal consequences of cheating, urging users to consider the implications beyond financial provision – “What if your cheating husband contracted HIV or any other sexual transmission disease and now transferred it to you! What is your gain and how would you explain yourself to God and ur own self?”

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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