Girlfriend who complains of boyfriend’s big manhood caught cheating with man with bigger one


A social media user discovered her partner cheating on him with another man. In fact he caught them in the act.

What hurt the most was their partner’s previous complaints about the size of his manhood during intimacy, claiming it was too big for her to handle.

However, the person found out that the man his partner cheated with had a much larger size, and their partner seemed to handle it effortlessly during intimate moments.

The person expressed frustration and disbelief at this revelation, feeling deeply hurt and betrayed by their partner’s actions.

See post and reactions: 

“I caught my girl cheating on me with another dude and the most painful part was that, she always complains that my d was too much for her to handle. Meanwhile the guy she was cheating on me with had a d much bigger than mine and she was taking it all in with ease in a doggy position. Back shots paaaa Heerrh women!! I wan mad.”

OneDon Leslie – How did u know the guy got bigger than yours , then he dey fuck your ass be that ??

Boamah Emmanuel – Charlie women

Optimus prime – Take a moment to fear women

Okay – How did you know the guy’s d big pass yours? Tell us

On God – Report to the police

Kofi Agyeman – Fear women


Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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